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Willow Beach AZ

a cove on the Colorado River

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welcome to the oasis…. willow beach

Willow Beach,is located about 13 river miles downstream from Hoover Dam or a little over an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. It is by far one of the most scenic locations in the Lake Mead NRA. Located in Black Canyon, the site has long been popular with fishermen and boaters and with campers.

The Willow Beach cove is ideal for enjoying the cool pure waters of the Colorado River. You have many things you can do at Willow… You can just hang out and cool off by sitting in the river (The river is a good 20 degrees cooler than Lake Mead)….get a Sun Tan.. while watching the boat and fishing activities in the Marina… or maybe visit the Trout Hatchery located at the far north end.  Another would be to go fishing, some people fish all night long at Willow Beach. The General Store has everything you need to gear up for fishing.

But the “BEST” thing to do is to take a self guided tour of the Colorado River..  You can Rent a Boat and head up stream through the amazing Black Canyon.

The objective is to take a trip to the Hoover Dam and look up at it from the rivers point of view… Your 11 mile Black Canyon trip to the dam will take you past steep canyon walls and natural hot springs. Big Horn sheep can be seen on  cliff edges and if your lucky you may spot a Bald Eagle soaring above.

Oh and if you decide to do some fishing from your boat… how about everything from Trout, Large Mouth Bass to record 50 pound plus Stripe Bass. For those who like to rough it there is nothing better than camping up or down river.

The Willow Beach Marina features All new Boat Docks, Launch Ramps, Fuel Dock and General Store packed with Food, Beverages, Boat Rentals, Bait and Tackle and Gifts.

For the campers the new camp groups are tent or motor home friendly with all the hooks ups you need