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Willow Beach AZ

a cove on the Colorado River

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willow beach history

Back in the 70’s willow beach featured a Motel, General Store and Boat Ramps. It was the secret destination for those that knew about this unique get away spot on the river.

From artifacts found along the Colorado River, Willow Beach might have been a prehistoric trading center. The Basketmaker Indians from Lost City started camping at Willow Beach around 250 B.C. For a while, only the Amargosa people, from the areas to the west, came. Possibly by 750 A.D., the late Basketmaker people were visiting the area again. Sea shells, steatite, and asphaltum from the Pacific Coast were traded for salt, pottery, textiles and other items from the interior. After 1150 A.D., the Shoshoneans mainly camped at Willow Beach.

Paiutes were in Black Canyon area in 1858 when Lieutenant Ives brought his steamboat up the Colorado River.

Before Davis Dam, Willow Beach was a well-known fishing camp on the Colorado River, and even today the trout fishing is unsurpassed in the cold waters below Hoover Dam

Today the motel is gone and Willow beach has been completely renovated to include a new larger general store, bigger boat docks and a large camp ground. Be warned that camping during the summer months will be very hot and prone to big thunder storms and flooding.